About Us

Your Goals Come First

At Baker Krizner Financial Planning, we begin each client relationship by seeking to discover what makes you unique. We listen to our clients. We seek to understand what is most important to you and what you want to achieve financially.  Our goal is to ensure your financial objectives are clearly identified through a process that creates the right investment strategy for you based on a comfortable timeline and the appropriate mix of investment options.

To help provide solutions to your needs, we gather significant details about your current financial situation. With your specific goals and needs in mind, we can then assess your situation and deliver clear recommendations to help you attain financial independence. 

Our comprehensive planning process includes:

  • Evaluating your current investment planning strategies, including your existing investments, savings, retirement contribution levels, and choices of employee-sponsored pension or retirement accounts.
  • Suggesting the right asset allocation mix to match your time horizon and comfort level. 
  • Providing an array of carefully screened investments to help you achieve your goals.
  • Monitoring your investments over time, to make certain they remain well diversified and in line with your objectives and risk tolerance.